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Maksymilian Gwinciński +48 605 634 569

About us

Plexus of Infinity is an independent netlabel from Bydgoszcz. Our main focus is to gather and support young artists, who in spite of trying hard could not gain much publicity.

We are beyond genre dividing. We believe in eclecticism, among our artists there are individuals of various stylistycs: rock, hip-hop, electronic, jazz. What combines us is the sincere love to music, to creating and to bringing awareness.

We try to do something more than to release music. We try to approach people and show them that the music connects.


Maksymilian Gwinciński - CEO
Ida Krzyżanowska - Art Designer
Marcelina Gaworzewska - Manager
Mateusz Hartmanowski- Board Member
Miłosz Stupecki - Board Member

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Maksymilian Gwinciński – 605 634 569

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